About Us

SHBS East ViewSydney Harbour Boat Storage is the one-stop-shop for all of your boat storage, fuel, maintenance and servicing needs.


We are Sydney’s leading integrated marine service facility and are here to take all the hassle out of your boating experience and make boating simple.

For many years Sydney Harbour has lacked available hard stand boat storage facilities offering direct access to the Harbour. Sydney Harbour Boat Storage is the first major boat storage and service facility to be built on Sydney Harbour.

The brainchild of Guy Bailey, one of the co founders of Baileys Marine Fuels Australia and Brett McMullen of the McMullen family, former owners of Fergusons Boatshed at The Spit, Sydney Harbour Boat Storage provides world class hard stand boat storage, along with boat lifting and a range of other marine related services including a state of the art fuel facility, operated by Caltex/Baileys Marine.

What we set out to achieve

“To create simple, easy boating access to Sydney Harbour, by building the BEST boat storage and light maintenance facility on the Harbour”

How we do this

  • Provide the best facilities and offer the best boating experience for our clients
  • Provide the best light maintenance services for our clients, taking pride in our workmanship
  • House a quality selection of commercial tenants
  • Operate the best Marina facility in the area
  • Provide the best working environment and culture for our team members
  • Commit to future planning that takes best advantage of the facility and the opportunity
  • Do the best job we can in respecting, appreciating, preserving and promoting Sydney Harbour
  • Support the marine industry offering our facilities for best practice seminars and courses