Dry Storage

At Sydney Harbour Boat Storage, we offer dry storage for boats from 18 to 40 feet.

Dry boat storage is the simplest, most economical and maintenance free way to store your boat. Commonly known as Boat Stacking it has also been widely adopted in Queensland, Western Australia as well the US and New Zealand for many years.

Why Dry Store your Boat?

Is your boat and trailer parked on the street outside your house?


Do you get annoyed with the ongoing maintenance and costs involved with always having your boat in the water?


Are you sick of the hassles of boat ramps?


Do the logistics of getting to your boat on a swing mooring too much?


Are you sick of trying to find a carpark?


Is packing up your boat at the end of the day something you dread?


Then Dry Storage is solution for you

Boat Stacker

The smartest way to store your boat. Our fully covered boat stacker caters for boats from 18 to 36 feet. Say good bye to all those maintenance costs associated with antifouling, cleaning, and leg servicing. Simply it’s a Boatel for your boat.

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Storage Racks

Not everyone can afford the ultimate Boat Stacker solution. We offer purpose built uncovered racking systems that offer all the benefits of dry boat storage at an affordable price.

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Hard Stand

We can provide hard stand storage for a day, a week, a month or for as long as you like, We have the access and space to cater for boats up to 80 feet. We are also Sydney’s number one destination for boat deliveries and dispatch with low loader access direct to arterial roads.

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